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Joyce Marvel-Benoist is a professional life coach, certified mediator and Qigong instructor specializing in the cultivation of passion for one’s life purpose, creative problem solving and balance of body, mind and spirit. She utilizes coaching to develop each client’s customized plan of action, direct and compassionate feedback, and powerful, fun methods for revving up enthusiasm, commitment and excellence.

Joyce Marvel-Benoist has coached and consulted with individuals and groups for more than 20 years. She has been involved in creating businesses, addressing parenting and relationship challenges, and assisting people who are seeking to access creativity, release pain or past abuse, establish spiritual practices, and deal with healing of all kinds.

In her coaching work, Joyce provides an enthusiastic, focused, creative and empowering session from 60 minutes to 5 hours in duration (specifically scheduled in advance).

With her vast experience in personal growth settings, Joyce has been student, teacher, staff trainer, curriculum designer and developer of materials for hundreds of workshops and seminars.

Titles like “Learning to Love Yourself” and “Right Livelihood---Doing the Work of Your Heart” are examples of the popular and life-changing programs Joyce has developed to assist clients in making meaningful change. She has also worked with PSI World Seminars, Unity Church, Life Source Network, Unconditional Money, and others.

Joyce has been college instructor of relaxation and stress management courses for health and human services majors, early intervention trainer for children with behavioral challenges, and founder of dozens of community-based enrichment programs for children and adults.

She is a certified Mediator and a master communicator, with articles published regionally, nationally and internationally. Joyce is a certified Qigong Instructor, recently endorsed by Grandmaster Wei Zhong Foo of Da Dao Chang Gong Center.

Joyce is known for being highly creative, powerfully loving and playful in her approach, while skilled and grounded.

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“Joyce has the rare ability to maintain an awareness of the big picture with a simultaneous focus on the individual. She is a jewel of wisdom.”
Betty Dunbar
Program Delivery Manager
Option Institute International Learning & Training Center

“Joyce is creative, playful, organized and conscious…..”
Cheryl Martin
Martin Innovative Technology


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