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Coaching & Counseling Sessions Together
Find out how Life Coaching in conjunction with private Counseling Dialogue sessions can be especially useful for those seeking major life changes.

POWER-ON One-Week Intensive
Five super-focused days to change your life
Book a transformational week and start making your life YOUR life!


Coaching & Counseling Together

Power-On is a highly effective combination of counseling and coaching, for individuals or couples. You will achieve magnificent clarity and direct, empowered access to your dream. The counseling dialogue session will empower you to uncover and change self-defeating beliefs. Life Coaching will focus on a specific plan of action to re-create yourself the way you REALLY want to be---consciously, fearlessly and sustainably.

We call this Power-On because it’s a proven way to give yourself full access to all the power you have to make your dreams come true.

Here’s what it looks like:

You bring your dream (or your search for your dream) to your coaching session with Joyce Marvel-Benoist. Together we clarify and refine your dream precisely as you want it to happen. As we make it real and concrete, distilling down the specifics of your success plan, you’ll have “stuff” come up----maybe fears, doubts, mental messages from the past, or beliefs about the limits of your potential.

As you discover the blocks to realizing your dream, a counseling dialogue session will then help you to move quickly and cleanly through whatever is stopping you. The counseling dialogue will assist you to fully uncover, understand and regain the power to rid yourself of what’s in your way of creating your dream.

In these two sessions, you can rekindle your dream and begin taking exciting, empowering steps to make it happen.

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One-Week Intensive Program

We call this The Power-On Intensive because it’s a proven way to give yourself full access to all the power you have to make your dreams come true -- in less than a week!

Here’s how it works:

Coaching sessions with Joyce Marvel-Benoist makes you get specific about your dream. What does it look like, feel like, smell like? Where is it taking place? In an absolutely perfect day, what will you be doing from morning to night?

When you get into the details of what you really want, that’s when doubts, fears, mental messages from your past, and limiting beliefs will surface. Your counseling dialogue session will help you understand and free yourself from those internal blocks.

Then you return to a coaching session, and hammer out another level of your dream. And you’ll have more doubts and assumptions to challenge, so it’s on to counseling dialogue sessions to blast through them.

With each round, things get clearer, more perfectly what you desire. As those fears and doubts arise, they get addressed; they’re no longer nagging just below the surface of awareness, ready to sabotage you at the first obstacle you encounter. Neither are you compromising your dream with what you “realistically” believe can happen, or trying to make yourself fit into a pre-existing mold. Your dream has room to breathe, and a way to be born.

You’re firing on all cylinders, flashing with insight and creative problem-solving. You know what you want, and you’ve learned how to get out of your own way.

This combination of coaching and counseling works. This is the fastest, easiest, most straight-forward way we’ve found to “Power-On”.

When it is your time to transcend this life and you lay upon your death bed,
what will matter more to you---the ways you DID what you came to do
or the ways you spent WISHING you’d do what you came to this life to do?

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In only 5 days you can make lasting
and very specific life changes, setting in motion a whole new way of life.

Here’s a sample schedule of a Power-On Intensive Week, which will be customized for you. Power-On Intensives can be held
over-the-phone or in person on The Big Island.

Day 1:

Orientation, goal setting and preparatory work; establish Dialogue session.

A centering and prayer experience

Counseling Dialogue .

Journaling assignment

Day 2:

Coaching session Assessing, Dreaming, Beginning the Plan of Action

Homework: Two hours

Day 3:

Counseling Dialogue session.

Day 4:

Coaching check-in, beginning actions.

Homework: One hour minimum recommended; specific actions.

Counseling Dialogue session.

Day 5:

Counseling Dialogue session.

Coaching check-in and refinement.

Wrap up session with counselor and coach.

Your customized week may include more Counseling Dialogue, Less Coaching Time, a written action plan and empowerment tools, specialized marketing or research assistance, or other services unique to your needs. Homework between sessions also varies and is based on the goals, needs and skills of the client. Everything in your week is focused on turning the power on your dream.


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